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2006 Draft

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Wellwood Makes Ben Sheets First Pick in 2006 Draft

It took nearly two weeks to complete online, but the teams of the NYLISL filled out their rosters by scooping up plenty of available talent in the 2006 draft. Wellwood nabbed Ben Sheets with the first overall pick; he was followed by Todd Helton (Lindenhurst) and Victor Martinez (St. Jack's). Luis Castillo went to the Flesheaters at #4, leaving Mariano Rivera ripe for the taking by the Bandits. The Mop-Ups rounded things out by taking lefty hurler Dontrelle Willis - all six picks in the first round were players from the two franchises that folded over the winter.


1 JIM B. Sheets 1
JB T. Helton 2
JACK V. Martinez 3
JV L. Castillo 4
CHRIS M. Rivera 5
KEV D. Willis 6
2 JIM A. Reyes 7
JB A. Pettitte 8
JACK D. Turnbow 9
JV A. Jones 10
CHRIS M. Ensberg 11
KEV M. Ellis 12
Supp JB M. Wise 13
3 JIM M. Young 14
JACK B. Colon 15
JV R. Howard 16
CHRIS R. Oswalt 17
KEV K. Griffey Jr. 18
4 JIM J. Valverde 19
JB (3rd rd) J. Varitek 20
JB A. Fultz 21
JACK J. Garland 22
JACK J. Gomes 23
CHRIS B. Myers 24
KEV D. Wheeler 25
5 JIM A. Heilman 26
JB C. Silva 27
JACK H. Carrasco 28
JV C. Politte 29
CHRIS H Street 30
KEV J. Speier 31
6 JIM J. Crain 32
JB B. Howry 33
KEV T. Hudson 34
JV D. Davis 35
CHRIS S. Rolen 36
KEV J. Duchscherer 37
7 JIM R. Sanders 38
JB R. Sexson 39
JACK G. Sizemore 40
JV M. Alou 41
CHRIS J. Peralta 42
KEV I. Suzuki 43
8 JIM Y. Molina 44
JB J. Encarcion 45
JACK F. Hernandez 46
JV G. Jenkins 47
CHRIS G. Sheffield 48
KEV B. Ryan 49
9 JIM T. Iguchi 50
JB I. Rodriguez 51
JACK S. Eyre 52
JV K. Farnsworth 53
CHRIS O. Vizquel 54
KEV C. Tracy 55
10 JIM S. Baker 56
JB T. Jones 57
JACK P. Konerko 58
JV B. Fuentes 59
CHRIS B. Ausmus 60
KEV C. Utley 61
11 JIM K. Lofton 62
JB L. Gonzalez 63
JACK F. Rodriquez 64
JV N. Cotts 65
CHRIS W. Taveras 66
KEV K. Escobar 67
12 JIM T. Clark 68
JB C. Cordero 69
JACK O. Hudson 70
JV J. Hermeda 71
CHRIS M. Cain 72
KEV B. Lidge 73
13 JIM R. Langerhans 74
JB D. Hermanson 75
JACK J. Conine 76
JV J. Patterson 77
CHRIS C. Floyd 78
KEV C. Wang 79
14 JIM A. Small 80
JB B. Wilkerson 81
JACK C. Sullivan 82
JV C. Monroe 83
CHRIS M. Lecroy 84
KEV F. Lopez 85
15 JIM S. Chacon 86
JB D. Dellucci 87
JACK B. Thompson 88
JV R. Zimmerman 89
16 JIM M. Matheny 90
JB S. Torres 91
JV R. Betancourt 92
17 JIM G. Chacin 93
JB C. Counsell 94
JV R. Barajas 95
18 JIM J. Blanton 96
JB T. Hall 97
JV P. Fielder 98
19 JIM D. Haren 99
JV D. Young 100
JV N. Perez 101
JV J. Lugo 102
JV J. Verlander 103
JV C. Jackson 104
JV L. Milledge 105

Ben Sheets is pumped about anchoring the Wellwood rotation.

Todd Helton will fit very nicely in the Hitmen lineup.

St. Jack's has long coveted slugging backstop Victor Martinez.

Luis Castillo parlayed a career year into a starting job.

The magnificent Mariano Rivera will be closing out games in New Jersey this season.

Dontrelle Willis will try to lead Kevin's team to glory this year.

NYLISL TICKER: Eagles trade Neil Walker and Erick Aybar to Stories for Ian Desmond and Carl Crawford. ... 2014 First Round -- (1) Riffs, Jose Fernandez; (2) Barkeaters, Chris Davis; (3) Bandits, Yasiel Puig; (4) Bandits (from Stories), Greg Holland; (5) Barkeaters (from Scribes), Luke Hochevar; (6) Scribes (from Eagles), Josh Donaldson; (7) Stories (from Bandits), Travis Wood. .... Opening Day is Feb. 22. ... Schedule consists of 14 games vs. each opponent. ... Bandits (Nationals Park) and Riffs (Marlins Park) sign three-year leases. ...