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Marillac Cup Champions

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Marillac Cup Champions
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The Marillac Cup is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the teams of the NYLISL. Each year, the quest to bring home the beautiful trophy gets more intense and 2014 should be no exception. Only the three best teams will have the chance to vie for the Cup each year, as the scheduling format only rewards the division winner and two wild-card teams with playoff berths.


Named after Saint Louise de Marillac, the co-founder of the Daughters of Charity whose name adorns the cafeteria where many league games have been played over the years, the Cup has been claimed by only four teams in its 14-year existence. In 2013, St. Jack's Imperials defeated the Rocky Point Eagles in six games to claim the franchise's second championship.

2000: New Jersey Bandits
2001: Floral Park Crackheads
2002: Merrick Hitmen
2003: New Jersey Bandits
2004: New Jersey Bandits
2005: New Jersey Bandits
2006: New Jersey Bandits
2007: New Jersey Bandits
2008: Floral Park Flesheaters
2009: New Jersey Bandits
2010: Massapequa Hitmen
2011: St. Jack's Imperials
2012: New Jersey Bandits
2013: St. Jack's Imperials


The prestigious Marillac Cup has been awarded to the NYLISL champion since 2000.

NYLISL TICKER: Eagles trade Neil Walker and Erick Aybar to Stories for Ian Desmond and Carl Crawford. ... 2014 First Round -- (1) Riffs, Jose Fernandez; (2) Barkeaters, Chris Davis; (3) Bandits, Yasiel Puig; (4) Bandits (from Stories), Greg Holland; (5) Barkeaters (from Scribes), Luke Hochevar; (6) Scribes (from Eagles), Josh Donaldson; (7) Stories (from Bandits), Travis Wood. .... Opening Day is Feb. 22. ... Schedule consists of 14 games vs. each opponent. ... Bandits (Nationals Park) and Riffs (Marlins Park) sign three-year leases. ...