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2008 Transactions

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'08 NYLISL Transactions

November 15:
St. Jack's Crusaders: Acquired Brad Hawpe and Ted Lilly from the Floral Park Flesheaters. Acquired Mike Lowell from the West Side Stories.
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Adam Dunn, Chien Ming Wang and Mike Mussina from the St. Jack's Crusaders.
West Side Stories: Acquired Adrian Beltre and Dan Uggla from the St. Jack's Crusaders.
November 7:
St. Jack's Crusaders: Acquired Curt Schilling from the Gramercy Riffs.
Gramercy Riffs: Acquired Scott Rolen from the St. Jack's Crusaders.
November 2:
St. Jack's Crusaders: Acquired Rich Hill, Kevin Correia and Brian Schneider from the Gramercy Riffs. Optioned John Maine and Felix Hernandez to AAA Wilmington.
Gramercy Riffs: Acquired Victor Martinez from the St. Jack's Crusaders.
November 1:
St. Jack's Crusaders: Sent Chien Ming Wang (after Game 53) and Derrick Turnbow (after Game 59) to AAA Wilmington. Recalled Carlos Villanueva and JD Drew. Activated Reggie Willits from DL (after Game 54). Optioned JD Drew to AAA Wilmington. Placed Roy Oswalt on 7-Game DL (after Game 55). Recalled Felix Hernandez. Oswalt eligible to return after Game 70.
October 13:
St. Jack's Crusaders: Placed Reggie Willits on 7-Game DL (after Game 47). Recalled JD Drew from AAA Wilmington. Acquired Peter Moylan from the Oswego Lakers. Sent Ian Kinsler to AAA Wilmington (after Game 52).
Oswego Lakers: Acquired a seventh-round pick in 2009 Free Agent Draft from the St. Jack's Crusaders.
September 30:
New Jersey Bandits: Acquired Jose Reyes from the Massapequa Hitmen. Acquired Matt Holliday, Stephen Drew, Dennys Reyes and Chad Billingsley from the Floral Park Flesheaters. Acquired Ryan Doumit and Adam Wainwright from the Gramercy Riffs.
Massapequa Hitmen: Acquired Aaron Harang, Manny Corpas, Freddy Sanchez, Jhonny Peralta and the supplemental pick in the 2009 Free Agent Draft from the New Jersey Bandits.
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Jason Bay, Russell Martin, Gary Sheffield, Justin Upton, Huston Street and Yovanni Gallardo from the New Jersey Bandits.
Gramercy Riffs: Acquired Vladimir Guerrero, Kevin Correia, Billy Wagner and Bob Howry from New Jersey Bandits.
September 25:
Oswego Lakers: Acquired Joba Chamberlain from Wellwood Scribes. Acquired Brian Giles and Brandon Webb from the Floral Park Flesheaters.
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired Dustin Pedroia from Oswego Lakers.
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Magglio Ordonez and Justin Verlander from Oswego Lakers.
September 24:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Sent Carlos Villanueva to AAA Wilmington (after Game 38). Recalled John Maine.
September 23:
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired Justin Speier from Oswego Lakers.
Oswego Lakers: Acquired Josh Willingham from Wellwood Scribes.
September 20:
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Aaron Rowand and Luke Scott from Oswego Lakers.
Oswego Lakers: Acquired David DeJesus and a third-round pick in 2009 Free Agent Draft from Floral Park Flesheaters.
September 13:
West Side Stories: Placed Mike Lowell on 7-Game DL (after Game 34). Recalled Mark Loretta from AAA Guilford.
Gramercy Riffs: Placed James Loney on 7-Game DL (after Game 35). Recalled Ryan Church from AAA Turnbull.
August 25:
Gramercy Riffs: Acquired JJ Putz, Chone Figgins and a tenth-round pick in 2009 Free Agent Draft from Wellwood Scribes.
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired Chipper Jones, Jason Schmidt and Francisco Rodriguez from Gramercy Riffs.
August 16:
Massapequa Hitmen: Acquired Chris Young from Oswego Lakers.
Oswego Lakers: Acquired Mark Buehrle from Massapequa Hitmen.
August 14:
Massapequa Hitmen: Acquired John Smoltz, Jon Papelbon and Sean Marshall from the Wellwood Scribes.
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired James Shields, Jon Rauch and Salomon Torres from the Massapequa Hitmen.
July 21:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Acquired Troy Glaus, Derrick Turnbow and Jamie Walker from the Gramercy Riffs. Sent Scott Rolen to AAA Wilmington (after Game 29).
Gramercy Riffs: Acquired Nick Swisher and Brian Fuentes from the St. Jacks Crusaders. Sent Francisco Rodriguez and Torii Hunter to AAA Turnbull (after Game 28).
July 19:
Wellwood Scribes of Lindenhurst: Acquired Ben Sheets, Ichiro Suzuki, Kevin Youkilis and Ken Griffey from the Oswego Lakers. Acquired Sean Marshall from the West Side Stories. Sent Eric O'Flaherty to AAA Bethpage (after Game 45). Recalled Adrian Gonzalez.
Oswego Lakers: Acquired Johan Santana, Aaron Rowand, Aramis Ramirez and Ryan Howard from the Wellwood Scribes of Lindenhurst. Sent Kenny Lofton to AAA Santa Barbara (after Game 41). Recalled Casey Blake. Activated Dustin Pedroia  from DL (after Game 41). Optioned Kaz Matsui to AAA Santa Barbara.
West Side Stories: Acquired Brad Penny from the Wellwood Scribes of Lindenhurst. Sent Scott Kazmir to AAA Guilford (after Game 24).
St. Jacks Crusaders: Sent John Maine to AAA Wilmington (after Game 25). Recalled Carlos Villanueva.
July 12:
New Jersey Bandits: Placed Vernon Wells on 7-Game DL (after Game 22). Recalled Paul Konerko from AAA New Orleans.
June 8:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Acquired Albert Pujols and Chien Ming Wang from the Oswego Lakers. Sent Chris Duncan to AAA Wilmington (after Game 23). Recalled Scott Rolen.
Oswego Lakers: Acquired Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander from St. Jack's Crusaders. Sent Jon Garland to AAA UC-Santa Barbara (after Game 32). Placed Dustin Pedroia on 7-Game DL (after Game 33). Recalled Kaz Matsui from AAA Santa Barbera.
May 31:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Sent Carlos Villanueva (after Game 15) and Nick Swisher (after Game 16) to AAA Wilmington. Recalled John Maine and Chris Duncan.
May 30:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Sent Bobby Abreu to AAA Wilmington (after Game 10). Activated Ian Kinsler from DL (after Game 14). Optioned Dan Uggla to AAA Wilmington. Acquired Reggie Willits and Matt Lindstrom from the Wellwood Scribes.
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired Johnny Damon and Jose Valverde from the St. Jack's Crusaders.
May 10:
New Jersey Bandits: Activated Gary Sheffield from DL (after Game 18). Optioned Mark Reynolds to AAA New Orleans.
March 22:
New Jersey Bandits: Placed Gary Sheffield on 7-Game DL (after Game 11). Recalled Carlos Guillen from AAA New Orleans. Sent Paul Konerko to AAA New Orleans (after Game 5). Recalled Mark Reynolds.
March 14:
Oswego Lakers: Sent Chien Ming Wang, Jeremy Guthrie, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Oliver Perez, Mark Prior, Mike Pelfrey, Homer Bailey, Darren Oliver, John Buck, Luis Castillo, Kaz Matsui, Casey Blake, Alex Gordon, Luke Scott and Chris Burke to AAA UC-SB.
New Jersey Bandits: Sent Jeremy Bonderman, Jake Westbrook, Tim Lincecum, Philip Hughes, Brett Myers, Tom Gordon, Scott Downs, Carlos Delgado, Howie Kendrick, Carlos Guillen, Mark Reynolds, Jason Bay, Justin Upton, Ben Francisco and Cameron Maybin to AAA New Orleans.
Wellwood Scribes: Placed Aramis Ramirez on 7-Game DL (after Game 4). Recalled Travis Hafner from AAA Bethpage. Sent Aaron Heilman to AAA Bethpage (after Game 5). Recalled Josh Willingham. Sent Brad Penny to AAA Bethpage (after Game 8). Recalled Roy Halladay. Recalled Ryan Braun from 7-Game DL (after Game 9). Sent Adrian Gonzalez from AAA Bethpage.

March 3:
Wellwood Scribes: Sent Roy Halladay, Jose Contreras, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Clay Bucholtz, Joba Chamberlain, Dave Ross, Miguel Olivo, Travis Hafner, Brendan Harris, Khalil Greene, Josh Willingham, Andruw Jones, Ryan Freel and Jared Saltalamacchia to AAA Bethpage. Placed Ryan Braun on 7-Game DL (after Game 2). Recalled Jared Saltalamacchia from AAA Bethpage.
St. Jack's Crusaders: Placed Ian Kinsler on 7-Game DL (after Game 4). Recalled Dan Uggla from AAA Turnbull. Kinsler eligible to return after Game 14. Sent Chris Duncan to AAA Wilmington (after Game 5). Recalled JD Drew. Sent JD Drew to AAA Wilmington (after Game 6). Recalled Bobby Abreu.
February 16:
Gramercy Riffs: Placed BJ Upton and Chris Snyder on 7-Game DL (after Game 2). Recalled Ryan Church and Brian Schneider from AAA Turnbull. Placed Brian Schneider on 7-Game DL (after Game 3). Recalled Rickie Weeks from AAA Turnbull. Schneider eligible to return after Game 18.
February 15:
Gramercy Riffs: Sent Curt Schilling, Adam Wainwright, Jason Schmidt, Rich Harden, Joe Blanton, Jamie Walker, Derrick Turnbow, Brian Schneider, Nick Johnson, Omar Vizquel, Rickie Weeks, Josh Fields, Mark Teahen, Ryan Church, Shannon Stewart to AAA Turnbull.
St. Jack's Crusaders: Sent John Maine, Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver, Mike Mussina, Kyle Farnsworth, Dioner Navarro, Dan Uggla, Scott Rolen, Miguel Tejada, Johnny Damon, Jim Edmonds, JD Drew, Delmon Young, Bobby Abreu, Asdrubal Cabrera, Geovany Soto and Evan Longoria to AAA Wilmington.
February 3:
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired a first-round pick, a second-round pick, a suppemental-round pick, a third-round pick, a fourth-round pick, a fifth-round pick, a seventh-round pick and an eighth-round pick from the West Side Stories.
West Side Stories: Acquired Mike Lowell, a first-round pick, a second-round pick, a suppemental-round pick, a fourth-round pick, a fifth-round pick, a seventh-round pick and an eighth-round pick from the Wellwood Scribes.
St. Jacks Crusaders: Acquired Jim Edmonds, Kyle Farnsworth and an eleventh-round pick from the Floral Park Flesheaters.
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Matt Diaz from the Massapequa Hitmen.
Massapequa Hitmen: Acquired Frank Thomas from the Floral Park Flesheaters.
January 23:
Gramercy Riffs: Selected Bobby Abreu, Nick Johnson and Brian Schneider in the second round of the 2008 Expansion Draft. Acquired Rich Harden and Omar Vizquel from St. Jack's Crusaders.
Oswego Lakers: Selected Alex Gordon and Hideki Matsui in the second round of the 2008 Expansion Draft.
St. Jacks Crusaders: Acquired Bobby Abreu, a seventh round pick and a tenth round pick (STJ) from Gramercy Riffs.
January 21:
Gramercy Riffs: Selected Chase Utley, Chipper Jones, Tim Hudson and Javier Vazquez in the Dispersal Round of the 2008 Expansion Draft. Selected Francisco Rodriguez, Pat Burrell, Torii Hunter, Conor Jackson, Derrick Turnbow and Mark Teahen in the first round of the 2008 Expansion Draft.
Oswego Lakers: Selected Albert Pujols, Ichiro Suzuki, Jimmy Rollins and Chien Ming Wang in the Dispersal Round of the 2008 Expansion Draft. Selected Matt Cain, Ben Sheets, Jon Garland, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Prior and Daisuke Matsuzaka in the first round of the 2008 Expansion Draft.
January 17:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Acquired Ian Kinsler from Floral Park Flesheaters. Acquired Miguel Cabrera and future considerations for Takashi Saito.
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Jack Wilson from St. Jack's Crusaders.
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired Takashi Saito from St. Jack's Crusaders.

January 14:
Floral Park Flesheaters: Acquired Josh Beckett and Pedro Feliciano from Wellwood Scribes.
Wellwood Scribes: Acquired Johan Santana and Miguel Cabrera from Floral Park Flesheaters.
January 3:
St. Jacks Crusaders: Acquired John Maine from Gramercy Riffs.
Gramercy Riffs: Acquired Curt Schilling and a 10th round draft pick from St. Jack's Crusaders.

NYLISL TICKER: Eagles trade Neil Walker and Erick Aybar to Stories for Ian Desmond and Carl Crawford. ... 2014 First Round -- (1) Riffs, Jose Fernandez; (2) Barkeaters, Chris Davis; (3) Bandits, Yasiel Puig; (4) Bandits (from Stories), Greg Holland; (5) Barkeaters (from Scribes), Luke Hochevar; (6) Scribes (from Eagles), Josh Donaldson; (7) Stories (from Bandits), Travis Wood. .... Opening Day is Feb. 22. ... Schedule consists of 14 games vs. each opponent. ... Bandits (Nationals Park) and Riffs (Marlins Park) sign three-year leases. ...